„The Slavs – Our Mysterious Ancestors“ Documentary Drama


We are pleased to announce the first broadcast dates of „The Slavs – Our Mysterious Ancestors“. The film music was composed by Lars Löhn.
The documentary drama deals with the history of the pagan people of the Slavs, who settled between the Elbe and the Oder about 1300 years ago. Although the people never founded a state, they managed to defend their customs and rites against great opponents for centuries and have thus decisively shaped today’s nations around these areas.

Broadcasting Date:

arte // 20.12.2017 // 17:10-18:40


Wir freuen uns, die ersten Sendetermine von „Die Slawen – Unsere geheimnisvollen Vorfahren“ verkünden zu dürfen. Die Filmmusik wurde von Lars Löhn komponiert.

Das Doku-Drama beschäftigt sich mit der Geschichte des Heidenvolkes der Slawen, die sich vor ca. 1300 Jahren zwischen der Elbe und der Order niederließen. Obwohl das Volk nie einen Staat gründete, schafften sie es ihre Bräuche und Riten über Jahrhunderte gegen große Gegner zu verteidigen und haben so auch die heutige Nationen um diese Gebiete entscheidend geprägt.


arte // 20.12.2017 // 17:10-18:40

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The truth about Franco: Spain’s forgotten dictatorship – Film Music

The Ludwig & Löhn team is pleased to present the musical work for the four-part documentary series „The truth about Franco – Spain’s forgotten dictatorship“.

„In a bloody civil war he puts himself in power and governs the country for four decades. The four-part series of documentation goes on a search for traces of his past and examines the rule of General Franco. “


ZDFinfo // 14. 11.2017 // 20.15 – 23.15 Uhr

Das Ludwig & Löhn – Team freut sich die musikalische Arbeit für die vierteilige Dokumentationsreihe „Die Wahrheit über Franco – Spaniens vergessene Diktatur“ präsentieren zu dürfen.
„In einem blutigen Bürgerkrieg putscht er sich an die Macht und regiert das Land vier Jahrzehnte lang – mit eiserner Hand. Die vierteilige Dokumentationsreihe begibt sich auf Spurensuche in die Vergangenheit und untersucht die Herrschaft von General Franco.“


ZDFinfo // 14. 11.2017 // 20.15 – 23.15 Uhr


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The Borderless Sky Music Score

We are happy to announce the broadcast dates of our series „The Borderless Sky“ on ARTE – with the German title „Expedition Sternenhimmel“:


Mon. 28.8.17 – INDONESIA („Zur Sonnenfinsternis nach Indonesien“)

Tue, 29.8.17 – AUSTRALIA („Unterwegs zur Milchstraße – Australien“)

Wed, 30.8.17 – CANADA („Zu den Polarlichtern Kanadas“)

Thur, 31.8.17 – NORWAY („Zur dunkelsten Nacht Skandinaviens“)

Fri, 1.9.17 – CHILE („Dem Universum ganz nah – Chile“)


The films will air each night at 6:35pm.

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Urban Oases Broadcast Dates

Combining nature, culture and recreation, parks are the urban oases of our large cities.  This five-part documentary is a journey to the most beautiful European parks.  Following the course of the seasons, these five films present their take on an urban landscape from a completely new perspective.  In Paris, Munich, London, Stockholm and Rome powerful aerial shots and impressive encounters with the many faces of these cities parks morph into an unique visual experience.

Sie sind die grünen Oasen unserer Metropolen: die großen Stadtparks. In ihnen vereinen sich Natur, Kultur und Lebenslust. Die fünfteilige Dokumentarfilm-Reihe ist eine Reise zu den schönsten europäischen Parks. Im Wandel der Jahreszeiten beleuchten die fünf Filme eine besondere Art der Urbanität und zeigen die Parkanlagen erstmals aus völlig neuen Perspektiven. In Paris, München, London, Stockholm und Rom verschmelzen imposante Luftaufnahmen und eindrückliche Begegnungen mit den facettenreichen Gesichtern der Parks zu einem einzigartigen Seherlebnis.


Monday, Febuary 20, 7:30pm
Paris – Jardin du Luxembourg and Tuileries
A Film by Christian Schidlowski
Tuesday, February 21, 7:30pm
Rom – Villa Borghese
A Film by Christian Schidlowski
Wednesday, February 22, 7:30pm
München – The English Garden
A Film by Christian Schidlowski
Thursday, February 23, 7:30pm
Stockholm – Royal National City Park
A Film by Sebastian Kentner
Friday, February 24, 7:30pm
London – Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens
A Film by Hannah Leonie Prinzler

Music score for Bugs: Nature’s Little Superheroes

It’s official: L&L team is delighted to present an incoming project.
The music score for BUGS: NATURE’S LITTLE SUPERHEROES, filmed by Björn Platz and produced by a&o buero film production gmbh.

After being selected as Best Science & Knowledge Project by Sunny Side pitching sessions in 2015, the project is taking shape. a&o buero film production gmbh is one of Germany’s most acclaimed documentary film production companies. Co-owned since 2004 by the International Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker and producer Tristan Chytroschek, their films have received numerous international awards and run regularly at festivals like One World Berlin, the San Francisco Film Fest, FIFA Montreal, to name just a few.

This is a remarkable science documentary. It shows us the importance of knowing the microcosm. Tiny bugs are the actual heros.
While waving your hand trying to kick a flea out of your pasta bowl or making a face spraying ants from your plants, have you considered that one living creature might be amazingly much more ingenious then you?
The specular eye of custom-made cameras closely observe this little world; by using special filming techniques taking us deep inside into the unknown everyday life of bugs.

We are following the quest of three researchers and their individual research object. Their aim it is to learn from the tricks of these little aliens. Studying and analyzing them, we don’t even imagine how many new solutions they „offer“ to our problems.
The movie jumps from one continent to another, from a ladybird drop of blood to a silk moth. Step by step we discover how strong they are, how many materials they can generate to protect their bodies and how these three brilliant men lead researches to solve medicine´s pressing problems as well as our dependency on oil.

By way of conclusion, this documentary is a breathtaking journey; our team is proud to be part of it.


Music Score for The Borderless Sky

Our team is proud to work on a new project.

Produced by Taglicht Media, „The Borderless Sky“ is the upcoming documentary project broadcasted as a 5 part  ARTE documentary series and cinema documentary about the „world’s highest ceiling“. In five adventures stories, photographers travel to Canada, Australia, Scandinavia, Indonesia and Chile. This is the story of their mission: to remind us that we all live together under an infinite roof.  The question is: When was the last time you looked up to feel it?

Five photographers (amongst them: Babak A. Tafreshi, Bernd Pröschold and Yuichi Takasaka featured at The World At Night) use hi-tech cameras to challenge extreme climates and unexplored panoramas. They collect untold pictures and astonishing timelapse footage in order to create a bridge between art, humanity, and science.
After receiving the support of the Creative Europe Programme – MEDIA of the European Union, the project is in post-production and we are currently composing the music and we will take the audio post production in the next couple of months.

We are happy to contribute with music score to this brilliant documentary project which enchants us with its poetic vision of five dreamers and their quest. Their bravery will let the audience participate in an incredible trip of discovery and surprise. It fascinates us with remote landscapes where the sky demonstrates majestic movements.


Documentary Music Score: ART & TUR Nomination!

We are happy to announce that Jeremy Feketes great documentary series Castles and Palaces of Europe is nominated for the ART & TUR International Tourism Film Festival, which will take place in Porto from the 20th until the 24th October 2015.

The films reveal the inside of Portugal, France, Germany, Italy and the UK’s castles and discover traditions and views of the ancient inhabitants that were long thought to be lost. The documentary music score of the five-part series was composed by the team of LUDWIG & LOEHN.

So, let’s keep our fingers crossed for this one!

Bildschirmfoto 2015-09-15 um 11.35.31


Documentary Music Score: Treasures of South East Asia

The five part ARTE documentary series „Treasures of South East Asia“ (a Storyhouse Media Group production) that was written, directed and produced by our good friend and brilliant director Christian Schidlowski and his co-directors Sebastian Kentner and Rohan Fernando is airing on TV again this week .

The films take you on a fascinating journey through the diverse landscapes of Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and  Myanmar while giving the audience an understanding of the residents‘ cultural traditions as well as the developments of recent years. Having received great compliments from the audience for the film’s amazing images, the perspectives and the documentary music score, which was produced by our team, we are happy for everyone who participated in this production!

Screening dates on Wednesday, August 26th on 3sat:

Laos: 2:10 p.m. – Kambodscha: 2:50 p.m. – Thailand: 3:35 p.m. – Myanmar: 4:15 p.m. – Vietnam: 5 p.m.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-08-24 um 09.14.03

Zauberhaftes Albanien finished. Score Music in the making.

The shooting of the 2 x 45 min. ARTE documentary „ZAUBERHAFTES ALBANIEN“ is now finished! The film’s directors Antonia Coenen and Thomas Radler as well as their production crew from Loupe Film have recently returned from their shooting in the beautiful country of Albania and are now ready to move into production.

Meanwhile, our composers are working on the score music for these films which will feature many traditional albanian instruments such as a lodra and a fyell. We can’t wait to see it all being put together!

Bildschirmfoto 2015-08-17 um 12.00.34

Documentary-Work | International DOK.fest Munich 2015

1o days of documentary-work. 2 weeks left!

We are looking forward to this year’s international DOK.fest in Munich from may 7th to May 17th! We are excited to see you there for 10 days of impressive documentary-work!

For meeting inquiries, please send a message to: mail@ludwigandloehn.com

documentary-work Dok Fest