After five months, The White King

Five months ago The White King had its glorious World Premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. Since then it collected great reviews. Brave and unusual, the movie had a huge impact on the audience. People commented about „it is not just a „must see“ but a „must see again movie„“. Fascinating the audience and the critic, we are very proud to have taken part in this amazing project.

Based on the award-winning novel „The White King“ by György Dragomán, the movie is following in the footsteps of the book. After receiving the nomination as Best First Features section at PÖFF | Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, on the 16th of November the movie had its International Premiere at the Apollo Cinema Solaris in Tallinn. The day day after is one of the „Hot Pick“ into the Screen International news previewing the A-list of the festival.


Vor Fünf Monaten feierte The White King seine glorreiche Premiere beim Edinburgh International Film Festival.  Seit dem hat es hervorragende Rezensionen bekommen, die die Einzigartigkeit und Mut des Films, sowieo den starken bleibenden Eindruck beim Zuschauer loben.  Man sagt darüber „Das ist nicht nur ein must see sondern ein must see again Film“.  Wir sind sehr Stolz darauf an diesem Kritiker- und Publikumsliebling mitgearbeitet zu haben.

Basierend auf den preisgekrönten Roman „The White King“ von György Dragomán, folgt der Film in den Fußstapfen des Buches.  Nach der Nominierung als „Best First Feature“ beim PÖFF | Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, hatte der Film am 16. November seine internationalle Premiere im Apollo Cinema Solaris in Tallinn.  Gleich am Folgetag wurde es schon als eines der „Hot Picks“ der Screen International News.



This is the new Festival poster to celebrate the nomination and the Internation Premiere.

The movie trailer got more then 50K views on PÖFF | Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival channel and more then 60K on New Trailer Buzz.  We are very thrilled to have given our support and our collaboration to this promising feature debut. We will keep monitoring the success and achievements of this brilliant movie and directors at their first feature together.

Der Trailer hatte schon 50K views auf dem Kanal von PÖFF | Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival und über 60K auf New Trailer Buzz.  Wir freuen uns auf diese Kollaboration mit diesem vielversprechendem Debut und werden weiter den steigenden Erfolg des brillianten Films folgen.

New Projects of The White King’s Cast

We are happy to have contributed additional score music for the British dystopian drama The White King.

But instead of taking a rest, the film’s cast is already on to new projects. British actor Jonathan Pryce, for instance, will again by starring in the brand-new season of the fantasy series Game of Thrones which will be out soon.

Watch the trailer here!

Additional Score Music for The White King

We are excited to announce that the British adventure drama The White King starring Greta Scacchi, Jonathan Pryce and Agyness Deyn will feature some additional score music of LUDWIG & LOEHN. The main score is being composed by the brilliant and renowned composer Joanna Bruzdowicz.

Other cast in “The White King” include Fiona Shaw (“Tree of Life,” “Harry Potter”), Olafur Darri Olafsson (“True Detective,” Steven Spielberg’s “The BFG”), Clare-Hope Ashitey (“Children of Men,” “Jimi: All Is By My Side”) and newcomer Lorenzo Allchurch as Djata.

Stay tuned for the final result!

Live is(n’t) Art. Film is Art. Score Music is Art.

Best-selling author and kolumnist Wladimir Kaminer is giving a reading about his most recent book „Das Leben ist (k)eine Kunst“ (in English: „Live Is(n’t) Art“) at Kulturhaus Keitum this Friday, August 14th 2015! Amongst Wladimir’s greatest works were the short story series „Russendisko“ which were originally published in the year 2000 and picturized later by Oliver Ziegenbalg, Arthur Cohn and Christoph Hahnheiser. The score music was composed and produced by Lars Löhn, who received great criticism by the German newspaper „Frankfurter Allgemeine“ for instance, who wrote that “ (…) the authentic soundtrack was particularly persuasive.“

With this being said, we are excited to find out what Wladimir’s most recent work is about and we urge you to not miss this event, in case you are spending this year’s holiday on the beautiful island of Sylt.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-08-11 um 09.16.35

Score Music Studio Sessions

Within the scope of our current pitch for a british feature film drama, Lars got together with theatre musician Tobias Vethake for a weekend studio session.

The outcome includes some great score music. We used instruments such as a waterphone, harmonium, juno-6 synthesizer and heavy effects on a Fender Rhodes and Tobias played some cello.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-07-20 um 14.24.45


Watch The Atlantic Premiere with us tonight !

The Atlantic Premiere

The feature film The Atlantic which was produced by our friend Fabian Massah is premiering at the open air cinema Kreuzberg Bethanien, tonight at 21:30!

In collaboration with director Marc Malze and Endorphine Production, L&L has worked on some great projects before and just recently composed score music for one of their productions.

So, we are happy and excited for this film and send our congratulations and greetings to the whole team!

Bildschirmfoto 2015-06-23 um 17.08.59

„Quatsch“ is nominated for the German Movie Awards 2015 (LOLA) !

German Movie Award Nomination for Quatsch!

The motion picture „Quatsch„, directed by Veit Helmer, which contains several tracks and songs from Ludwig & Loehn is now nominated for the German Movie Awards in the category children’s films!

Don’t miss this year’s festivities on June, 19th!

QUATSCH German Movie Award Nomination ,

Ingo Frenzel wins Best Orchestral Score

We congratulate our fantastic Ingo Ludwig Frenzel to „Best Orchestral Score“ he receive for the score of The Physician!

The „Grand Score“ Award that was intitiated by Moët & Chandon took place on the 4th of February in Berlin

The official partner is the European Composer & Songwriter Alliance (ESCA).

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