Say Goodbye to Rolf Zacher



I remember, it was 2014, I was composing some film music for Veit Helmers lovely movie „Quatsch“ in my studio.

Veit asked me to record a song with the actor called Rolf Zacher. I remember the first time we met – he had this beaming charisma, he was very charming. Already being in his 70s, he stood in front of the microphone and performed very youthful, agitated and intense, he jumped up and down like an aeorbic dancer and was sweating heavily after recording for a couple of minutes in his silky suit.
Taking lunch together, he had no problem to flirt with my wife, although I was right beside him.
He was very slim, but he ate a lot. Sipping at an espresso whilst sitting in my garden, he told me quirky stories about his time as a refugee in the 2nd World War and how he worked as a baker, bartender and dancer when he was younger. He could swith from charming to scrubby in the wink of an eye – I liked him very much, like an old friend.

A couple of days later he called me and asked me with his breathy, croaky voice if I wanted to record his new album. As I was busy with two little kids and work I unfortunately had to pass on that. The coming years we met a couple of times by accident at movie premieres, but unfortunately we lost contact. I was really sad that we never had the chance to say goodbye! He was a very special and lovely guy, I´ll miss him! (Lars Löhn – February 2018)

Zacher worked as an actor on over 250 movies with directors like Rainer Fassbinder, Oscar Roehler, Sherry Hormann,  Vadim Glowna, Uli Edel and so many others. He died in Hamburg in  February 2018