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L&L film scores – A selection of projects, for which the composers of LUDWIG & LOEHN have – solely or collectively – composed film scores for.



  • Jeremy Fekete and Interscience Film’s great 5-part documentary series „Castles and Palaces of Europe“ has won the ART & TUR Award!

    Oktober 2015
    • The Physician Soundtrack is now available on CD!

      February 2015
      • The Playmobil inspired animated series „Super 4″ starts broadcasting in Germany in August!

        February 2015
        • Congratulations to our fantastic Ingo Ludwig Frenzel for his Moët & Chandon Award for „Best Orchestral Score“!

          February 2015
          • „I Got A Rocket!“ back on air! The animated series that once won a Daytime EMMY in 2008 is going to be broadcasted again on KiKa in March!

            February 2015
          • „Quatsch und die Nasenbärbande“ has been prenominated for the German Film Award 2015 vornomoniert! We are excited !

            January 2015
            • Jeremy Fekete’s documentary series „Castles and Palaces of Europe“ wins the Documentary Award 2014 at the New York Festival in Las Vegas. Congratulations!

              April 2014
            • The Midttrafik spot „The Bus“ has been viewed over 2 million times on Youtube. We are pleased! 

              August 2013
            •  Ingo Ludwig Frenzel wins the „Preis der deutschen Filmkritik“ for the music of Lollipop Monster. Congratulations!

              August 2012
            • With around 8,5 million views, the Tatort „Heimatfront“ surpasses all expectations. More than 400 people wrote us about the music.

              January 2011
            • Renault Zapp! wins Bronze in Cannes! We are very happy!

            • The animated series „I got a Rocket!“ wins the Daytime Emmy! We are pleased! 

            • The film „Lichtblick“ wins the „Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau Award“! 

            • Lars Löhn wins the International Prize for Film Music in Bonn! Congratulations!