Our boutique library comprises over 3000 high quality pieces of music. In the licensing sector, we work with an international network of composers and musicians. When it comes to music, we provide an overall service. No matter if you are planning an ad campaign or you are looking for music for film and TV productions, websites, events or video games. We offer the search for the matching title for your project according to your briefing and desired budget, the clarification of rights to use the music, a personal contact person for all questions concerning music, professional advice regarding the GEMA.


Tracks taken from the archive often times do not exactly fit as they should. The close relationsships we have with the composers, bands and musicians of our boutique library however, enable us to seemlessly match the pieces of music to your individual needs.







The procedures of the GEMA (German Collecting Society) are often quite complex. Therefore, we offer our clients as well as authors assistance and representation regarding the coordination of publishing processes. With our in-house music publisher, the experience with the GEMA that we have collected over the past 15 years as well as the latest news concerning tarrifs and licensing practices we offer competent and overall service.

For clients

Specifically established publisher’s editions guarantee an additional revenue stream for our clients and a smooth phaseout of publishing matters. They provide our customers with the opportunity to publish music, irrespective of it’s ownership.

And this is how it works:

1. You give us the music you used
2. We do the registration at the GEMA and send you a confirmation for your own documents
3. We keep track of the performance
4. You receive your edition’s publisher revenues

For Composers

On request, we represent authors regarding the exploitation of their music ensure a proper documentation of collectively administered exploitation rights.

We handle all administration processes, such as the registration of the music at the GEMA and the documentation. Moreover, we keep track of perfomances and deal with cases of comlaint.


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