10. April 2015 Mareike

documentary score by L&L – “Castles and Palaces of Europe” is back on Air!

Documentary score by L&L – Jeremy Fekete and Interscience Film’s great 5-part documentary series “Castles and Palaces of Europe” is back airing on various channels on TV!

No other part of the world beast as many castles and palaces as Europe. A breath-taking aerial view leads you through the palaces and summer residences, built by Kinds and Princes in the most beautiful and strategically located spots.
“Castles and Palaces of Europe” is a 5-party documentary series by director Jeremy Fekete in collaboration with well-respected director and producer Gero von Boehm. The documentary score was composed by the team of LUDWIG & LOEHN.
The series is covering 5 different regions, known for their stunning Castle – and Palace – architecture in Europe. Among these are:

Loire – France
Baden Württemberg – Germany
Southengland – GB
Piemont – Italy
Estremadura – Portugal


Lars Loehn and his team composed the documentary score to every Episode, certainly covering the typical music styles and containing music based on the traditional songs and tracks representing these particular regions. For the documentary score of the 5 x 51’min series L&L used mainly orchestral music with an interesting “David Fincher – like” dark sound and at the same time rich tonality.

Director Jeremy Fekete won the ”SILVER WORLD MEDAL 2014″ at the New York Festivals for the entire Series. Besides that we are excited to say that we are currently working on the documentary score for a similar series, called “European Parks” along with director Christian Schidlowski. As Schidlowski is a longtime partner, “European Parks“, presumably broadcasted in 2016, will be his 5th cooperation with the team of Ludwig & Loehn. Amongst others, L&L provided the documentary score for his series “Treasures of South East Asia” and “Coasts of Germany“.

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