8. August 2016 evaddante

Music score for Bugs: Nature’s Little Superheroes

It’s official: L&L team is delighted to present an incoming project.
The music score for BUGS: NATURE’S LITTLE SUPERHEROES, filmed by Björn Platz and produced by a&o buero film production gmbh.

After being selected as Best Science & Knowledge Project by Sunny Side pitching sessions in 2015, the project is taking shape. a&o buero film production gmbh is one of Germany’s most acclaimed documentary film production companies. Co-owned since 2004 by the International Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker and producer Tristan Chytroschek, their films have received numerous international awards and run regularly at festivals like One World Berlin, the San Francisco Film Fest, FIFA Montreal, to name just a few.

This is a remarkable science documentary. It shows us the importance of knowing the microcosm. Tiny bugs are the actual heros.
While waving your hand trying to kick a flea out of your pasta bowl or making a face spraying ants from your plants, have you considered that one living creature might be amazingly much more ingenious then you?
The specular eye of custom-made cameras closely observe this little world; by using special filming techniques taking us deep inside into the unknown everyday life of bugs.

We are following the quest of three researchers and their individual research object. Their aim it is to learn from the tricks of these little aliens. Studying and analyzing them, we don’t even imagine how many new solutions they „offer“ to our problems.
The movie jumps from one continent to another, from a ladybird drop of blood to a silk moth. Step by step we discover how strong they are, how many materials they can generate to protect their bodies and how these three brilliant men lead researches to solve medicine´s pressing problems as well as our dependency on oil.

By way of conclusion, this documentary is a breathtaking journey; our team is proud to be part of it.



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