The brand name LUDWIG & LOEHN stands for the intial collaboration between the two film music composers: Ingo Ludwig Frenzel and Lars Loehn. For our projects, we work with an international network of music composers, musicians, bands and sound designers who make possible the scoring of film and other media.

Our competencies


Stylistically we offer a wide spectrum: From versed musicians such as orchestra expert, music composer Ingo Ludwig Frenzel and modern score specialist Lars Loehn to young talents such as concert pianist Felix Raffel who brings virtuosity and live music experience into the team.

Sound Design

In order to design the sound for films and other media, we possess excellent equipment and know-how. Our sound designers have years of experience in creatively working with sounds and they have created the sound design for many notable projects.


More than 20 years of experience in the film industry as well as close collaborations with law firms such as IHDE & Partner enable us to offer solid guidance concerning all legal matters, such as copy rights. 



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